Correctional Services

  • 4,983 requests processed
  • Substantiated complaints: 37.7%
  • Intervention concerning 17 correctional facilities

The three main grounds for substantiated complaints:

  1. Lengthy wait times: 45.2%
  2. Failure to respect rights: 17.3%
  3. Living environment: 13.9%
Québec’s correctional services’ obligation to uphold detainees’ residual rights is jeopardized by the overcrowding that has affected the prison community for several years.

Highlights Correctional Services

  • Due to prison overcrowding, some correctional facilities end up putting as many as three detainees in cells meant to hold one inmate. The situation persists, notably because of a lack of planning regarding the operations surrounding the opening of new facilities.
  • Even though solitary confinement (isolation in a cell for 22 hours or more a day) must be an exception and carried out according to clear-cut guidelines, it may last for periods of up to several weeks if not months.
  • In a report released in March 2018, the Québec Ombudsman shed light on the consequences of the increase in intermittent sentences in correctional facilities.
  • The measures introduced to curb drone activity over correctional facilities must not infringe on detainees’ residual rights.
  • Detainees cannot exercise their right to vote in municipal and school elections. The Québec Ombudsman made recommendations aimed at changing this situation.
  • The Québec Ombudsman’s recommendations concerning detention conditions, the administration of justice and crime prevention in Nunavik are slow to be implemented.

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