The whistleblower behind the disclosure may be:

  • A member of the personnel of a body subject to the Act;

  • A supplier or subcontractor;

  • Anyone else who is aware of a wrongdoing relating to a public body that has been committed or is about to be committed.

The Act to facilitate the disclosure
of wrongdoings relating to
public bodies 
came into
force on May 1, 2017.


Public integrity

Woman working in business

Misuse of funds or property belonging to a public body

Public safety risks

  • According to a whistleblower, a public body would have jeopardized public safety had it repaired infrastructure based on the specifications at hand. Deeming the risk to be legitimate, the Québec Ombudsman intervened promptly with the authorities concerned.

A Department breaches its confidentiality requirements

  • The Québec Ombudsman saw that the Ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation (MAPAQ) failed to fully protect the confidentiality of a whistleblower and of the facts disclosed. These breaches have since been corrected and the Québec Ombudsman’s recommendations have been implemented.